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The Do-Mystics is a feminist collective created by Arantxa Araujo and Monique Blom based in NYC, Mexico City and Saskatoon. Their work incorporates the use of new media, performance and socially engaged art. The collective explores themes through ritual processes of identity, gender, immigration and domesticity.  The work has been shown in the United States, Canada and Mexico in both galleries and site specific locations such as Beautiful Rising launch, Saskatoon (2018), Nuit Blanche YXE (2017), Glasshouse Gallery, Brooklyn (2017), Art in Odd Places NY (2017), Art in Odd Places Orlando (2016).


Arantxa Araujo is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist and neuroscientist based in NYC. Araujo is interested in how art changes the brain by allowing curated sensorimotor stimuli to create awareness. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, Canada and USA. Some spaces that have featured her work include Brooklyn Museum, Last Frontier, Glasshouse Gallery, Queens Museum, JACK, Panoply Lab, Garis & Hahn Gallery, SITI Lab, Live Love Festival, Movement Research, Radiator Gallery, Triskelion Arts, Idio Gallery, Walls-Ortiz Gallery, and The CAVE (NYC); SPACE gallery and Bunker Projects (Pittsburgh) and MATCH (Houston). Araujo was awarded a full scholarship from Mexican Government Institution CONACYT and holds an MA in Motor Learning and Control from Teachers College, Columbia University. She was a fellow at The Performance at the Center, EMERGENYC 2017 at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics program, SKIP! and a resident at Teatro de los Sentidos. She was been invited to be artist-in-residence at Bunker Projects 2016-2017, Nuit Blanche Festival in Saskatoon, and Art in Odd Place- NYC (2017).


Monique Blom Multidisciplinary artist and educator Monique Blom lives and works “in the wild woods of Saskatchewan [where] her practice includes chopping wood, building ponds and creating edges.” Blom is deftly balanced on the edges of the prairies, boreal forest, and society, describing herself as an “edgy woman, making people nervous with her axe.” Her practice springs from a desire to explore human relationships as part, or as apart, from nature. Blom’s work ranges from paintings with elements of vintage collage to public art interventions.Her most recent work examining the relationship between women, domesticity, and the landscape was performed in New York, Orlando, and Tampa. Blom graduated with a BFA (with Distinction) from ACAD (1998) and a MEd from the University of Saskatchewan (2010), where she currently teaches Art Education. Selected exhibitions / performances / interventions include:  Nuit Blanche YXE 2017, We Want a President, CUNSTHAUS Gallery, Tampa, Florida (2017); AiOP Orlando: Public Visual and Performance Art Festival (3 day site specific public participatory performance), Orlando, Florida (2016); City as Site: Social Interventions and Public Performance (Politics of the Absurd site specific performance), New York (2016); Cinewomen: Womenartconnect (2016); Surreal Saskatchewan, Touring Group Exhibition (2014-16); Relative Connections, Mann Gallery, Prince Albert (2014).

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